Below illustrates how the pitching mound was converted from “dirt/mud” to artificial turf in 48 hours.


Two years ago the home plate area was converted from dirt to artificial turf. This change made a dramatic change in the utilization of the park. It was quickly determined that the dirt mound must also be converted. The mound was converted to turf over a weekend in mid May 2012. The picture hi-lites the various stages in the work.

Dess Schnur was responsible for the planning and supervising both home plate and mound conversions. The conversions were completed with a minimum of time and money. Joe Weist, owner of   JOE WEIST ASPHALT PRODUCTS & PAVING CO., provided a crew of people for two days and donated most of the materials to make this happen.

Converting home-plate area and the mound to artificial turf means Pullman Park is available almost 24 hours a day to play ball.

Pullman Park is truly a “Field of Dreams”.


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